Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Eynesbury Rocks

Today I met a whole load of really fun people at Eynesbury Primary School. I had so much fun - thank you for having me! I hope you'll let me visit again one day.
I had many favourite moments. I liked the character of Bob, who stares at bricks, but also smashes china plates on them. Also, when I asked the question 'What's the worst possible thing that could happen to this character?', the most brilliant answer was:
'A duck falls in love with him.'
Nice one. But I also liked 'His trousers fall down'.
As if all that wasn't enough, my five-a-side football team finally won last night. We thrashed the opposition 10-4 in a stonking display. I felt like I was finally back on form. Sadly, John was hacked down in the last minute and has a nasty ankle injury.
Let's all wish him better.

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