Sunday, May 15, 2005

Catching Up

While I've been travelling about, there have been a couple of moments that slipped through my weblogging fingers. Very remiss of me not to have commented on Stevie Wonder's birthday on the 13th. I did note it to myself. Thing is, I'd only just ranted on and on about Irving Berlin and I'd like to avoid this becoming a list of birthdays of great songwriters. It could easily happen. I always note them and devote some of that day to appreciating the music afresh.
What I'm even more upset about is that somehow I didn't notice that one of my heroes turned 50 this week - Kermit the Frog.
I'm not quite sure how they established his date of birth, and I am a little suspicious that there are, as yet, no flecks of grey in his green. Now I'm paranoid that I might have missed Bugs Bunny's big day as well. I think he's a bit older than Kermit, though.
The point of this entry was going to be to tell you about seeing Kevin Spacey tonight in 'The Philadelphia Story' (third time I've seen him on stage, by the way - but is that showing off?). And I was also going to mention the violent road rage incident I witnessed on the way home through Camden.
But that will all have to wait for the autobiography, a twenty volume epic entitled 'Ego', or 'Boarding Schools, Bordellos and Mental Intitutions'.

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