Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Top Hundred Thousand

My book just cracked the top 1oo,ooo at amazon.co.uk.
I have to admit, I'm pretty pleased about that.
There's only a month to go before the magic day arrives - April 4th. That's when the UK edition will be unleashed on you all.
For those that don't know (and you must be new, because I've been going on about it for the last year), my book is called Jimmy Coates: Killer in the UK and Jimmy Coates: Assassin? in the US. It's coming out over there in June.
You can help boost my ranking on the amazon chart by pre-ordering your copy, which you can do when you click here.
Anyone who emails me to say they've pre-ordered it, I'll reward with something great.
Maybe some Mentos.
Or I might just deface your copy with my signature.

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