Sunday, March 06, 2005

Songs about Georgia

Rainy Night In Georgia.
Georgia On My Mind.
Midnight Train To Georgia.
All classic songs. Three all time great songs about the same state. Does that make it the most musically blessed geographical area in the world? I'd like to work it out, based on a scale of Greatness-of-composition per square kilometre.
So a small place with only great songs about it will do better than, say, the whole of the United States, which has had loads of songs written about it, some of which are great.
If anyone can think of a place the size of Georgia, or smaller, with three or more songs written about that are as great as the ones listed above, that'll get the ball rolling.

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Miripoom said...

Sweet Georgia Brown? Is that a song? Might be about a girl, but might be about the place too. There must be lots of songs about New York and also San Francisco. New York State of Mind, An Englishman in New York. Where are you going? To San Francisco. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay. Mmm. That's it for now.