Monday, March 21, 2005

I'm In Shops

I, personally, pop up in shops every now and again. Usually when I'm shopping. But this is something else - my book! It's now appeared in most Waterstones stores across the UK, and it's still two weeks before the official publication on April 4th.
The kind people at Waterstones brought it forward so that it could be in their 3 for 2 'Heroes and Villains' promotion. Which means Jimmy Coates: Killer is now on a table in the children's section of your local Waterstones!
I'm really excited, especially as it's in the promotion along with some big names, like Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket and, of course, Silverfin, the new James Bond book by Charlie Higson. I haven't read that last one yet, but I'm looking forward to it.
(Of course, you could just buy three copies of Jimmy Coates: Killer...)
Do send me an email ( to let me know what you think of it - even if you're still half way through! I'd love to know what everyone thinks. If you like the book, it would also really help me if you left a review of it HERE.


Anonymous said...

Would the two reviews already on the site be from the esteemed Mr Rockberger?

I can't get enough of your book - I got away with reading it in the toilets at work for a full half hour today before someone buzzed my mobile looking for me!

I'll pen a review as soon as I finish.

K x

Anonymous said...

P.S. Have you really got a beard now or were you japing me?

Joe said...

What made you think I had a beard? I don't. I thought it was your man what had the beard.

Joe said...

Also - I'm really pleased you're enjoying the book!