Saturday, March 12, 2005

Book News

I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I wanted this week, but over all it's still going well.
The release of Jimmy Coates: Killer is pretty close now - April 4th here in the UK. I was delighted to come across THIS today, which I am counting as the first review of the book. I'm particularly pleased that the reviewer preferred my book to The Da Vinci Code!
I've decided it's about time I let you all know what the title of the sequel will be. It's due to come out in just over a year from now, and I'm polishing it off at the moment. Thanks for all your guesses, by the way. But it will NOT be called Jimmy Coates: Hairdresser, Terminator, Sandwich Maker or Gardener (all admirable guesses).
It will in fact be called:
Jimmy Coates: Target.
There's a sneak preview of it in the back of JC:K, but don't read it until you've read the whole of the first book because it might give a few things away.


Anonymous said...

what about jc: Lawyer or JC:Tax Collector or JC:Blind Date
Those can all be very scary

marianne said...

Luckily we know from the title of the first one that he can, at least, defend himself.