Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Pens are very important to me. The right pen makes all the difference. I need a thick, deep, black line. It has to feel right. It has to move across the page with just the right balance of resistance and fluidity.
I've also decided that there's no need to settle for a sub-standard pen. Even when jotting down phone messages I like to use a pen that I enjoy writing with.
Yesterday I discovered that I have run out of my favourite pens. How did I let that happen? Anyway, I tried to buy some more today and couldn't find any. Disaster.
I'm being quite open minded about it. I don't want my sanity to be in the hands of a pen manufacturer who could, at any point, stop manufacturing my favourite pen. So I'm trying to be flexible. I'm trying other pens. So far nothing has hit the spot.
I have a decent interim pen, but I'm going to have to find a new supply soon. And when I do, I'll really stock up.
Otherwise I'll have to start using a sword and, let's face it, swords just aren't as mighty.


Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one particular about pens. I think it might be a secret society.
For me it is blue ink-gel and medium line. It used to be fine line but somehow I went to the other side.
There is pain when I have to write in black ink(sorry)
When I run out of my favorite pens(Pentel) I must go out to Target and get a pak. They are a little more on the $ side. There is a BIC that may suffice. But blue it is.

John F said...

No, you're both wrong. The correct answer is: Pilot G-1 gel pens, black ink. 0.7 for writing and normal drawing; 0.5 for showy-offy drawing.

Anonymous said...

i see I became a split personality.
does that mean my pay wil rise ?
Pilot was the other brand I was thinking of. But sometning between the Pilot and the Pental in the way the casing was mae me choose one over the other.
I will go to Target today an tak e a look.
BTW: Nice picking on the Oscars.
I was surprised Scorcese didnt pull up. Bu then, I havent seen MDB.

Joe said...

The Pilot G-1 0.7 is the one I always go for. Black, obviously.
I don't do any show-offy drawing, so I suppose that's why I don't need the 0.5.

Anonymous said...

At lunch I will go to Target and look at this Pilot 0.7 black.

Unless it does magic it has to be blue.