Friday, February 18, 2005

I'm Back

And that means I must have been away. But where? And, for crying out loud, why?
I've been in NEW YORK!
Yes, that's New York, New York, in the USA. What a great time! I also managed to visit the wonderful city of BOSTON, which I enjoyed just as much.
I have many intriguing things to muse on and rant about, but it's best not to do them all at once is it? It's probably best not to do anything at all at the moment, because I have to deal with jet-lag.
I haven't been to bed and I'm very confused. It might be all the sugar I consumed on the flight. Which reminds me - the USA is a land full Mentos!
Mint, Fruit, Apple, Grapefruit, Strawberry - all delicious. And all a great source of sugar for the many hours of the flight. They disrupted my taste buds to such an extent that I even enjoyed the airline food - but more of that another time.
For now, I have to ask what's going on with the latest flavour of Mentos that I discovered in the US: Cinnamon Flavour.
Are they a joke? An imitation of Mento? The thing is, I like the idea - I'm a big fan of cinnamon. But these taste NOTHING LIKE CINNAMON. And they seem to burn on the tongue. Not good.
Yet, the aberration is not limited to Mentos. In the US, cinnamon flavour (or should I say 'flavor'?) seems to be up there with mint. Cinnamon Tic-tacs? Cinnamon chewing gum? What's going on? Do you crave a cinnamon scented mouth?
I really don't understand.
So if you're planning on sending me Mentos (and I hope you are, even though I have now imported quite a stock) please don't send the cinnamon. At least not until the Mentos scientists improve the recipe.

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