Saturday, January 15, 2005

Sunny Seed Drops

Chocolate covered sunflower seeds - who would have thought that they could be such an addictive snack?
They're not easy to get hold of here, though. I had to phone the company that imports them (from the US, of course). I had a lovely chat with a guy called Hassan, who was very helpful, if a little bemused at the strange call in the middle of his working day. He let me into the secret of the few outlets that sell them - in fact, there is only one in north London. I'm not going to tell you where it is, or there won't be any sunny seed drops left for me.
Anyway, I went yesterday and stocked up.
If you're in the states, you can buy them online I think. Just do a search for 'Sunny Seed Drops'. They're tasty.
Now I'm working on a little snack of my own invention - papaya seeds. Dry them out in the oven and they change from slimy alien eyes to peppercorn-esque nibbles. If I could work out a way to cover them in chocolate, I might be onto something.
Maybe I should ring Hassan for some advice.

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