Sunday, January 16, 2005


What if I get fat?
This is the question that has been playing on my mind. I'm not fat at the moment, but I'm still quite young and I'm aware that as I get older, I will have to change my eating and exercising habits if I'm going to stay the same size sideways.
My concern takes the form of these questions:
Question 1: If I get fat, will I notice? It creeps up on you, doesn't it? I'm already aware that I'm bigger than I was when I left school, but will I know it when I hit 'fat'. This leads to a subsidiary question. Let's call it:
Question 1b: If I won't necessarily know it if I am fat, am I fat now without knowing it? The possibility troubles me. I have faith in the support of those around me though. Taking a brief survey of opinion, they assure (94%) me that I'm 'not fat'. (My sister did add that I 'had a belly'. She added this repeatedly - thanks for that, M.)
Question 2: If I became fat, and knew that I was fat, would I do anything about it? As you can probably tell from some of the other entries here, I like my food. I enjoy eating, snacking, munching, grazing and all variants of this activity. I also take pleasure in the finer foods that the cuisines of the world have to offer. I like to use words like 'gourmand' when thinking about myself. Which I do quite often. So you're not getting me on a diet.
I do exercise, but only because it's a by-product of playing five-a-side football. If football were fattening I'd still do it. If it tasted good I'd do it even more. I wouldn't go to the gym. Finally, let's face it - cricket just isn't strenuous enough to shave the pounds off my paunch, should I one day grow one.
There is one thought that I cling to with glee. I repeat it to myself, mantra-like, as I fall asleep. It is that sushi is healthy. Thank you world for being that way.
If my belly ever does become a BELLY, I will sushi it away.


Anonymous said...

I have heard that one should look at their parents to see what their bodies might end up looking like.
heredity and all that

Joe said...

Well, if I responded to that I'd almost certainly offend somebody. By 'somebody', I mean my parents. So I'm keeping quiet.