Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Clash of Snacks

I'm in a tricky situation here.
One the one side, I have a full supply of Sunny Seed Drops. But on the other, I have a fresh stash of MENTOS.
I'm not really sure how to manage these two delights. I've tried allocating alternate snacking hours, but it was very confusing. I brought the change down to every minute, but I ended up with a backlog of sweets lined up in my hands. Not good snack management.
Then I tried stuffing everything into my mouth at the same time. That actually worked for a while, until some of my teeth fell out. I've threaded them onto a tribal charm bracelet.
The way it's turned out is that somehow today I muddled my way through my first pack of Grapefruit Mentos (or 'Pamplemousse Rose', to give them their full title) and a whole tube of Sunny Seed Drops.
I might have to stock each room with a particular snack, then ban the moving of snacks between rooms. Harsh, but I think fair. The spirit of good snacking demands it.

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