Thursday, December 30, 2004


The days between Christmas and New Year - what do you do with them?
I know a lot of you will have to work, which I think is a shame. I've always considered it a natural right to take this time as an extension of the holiday.
I've been relaxing - movies, food etc.
Watched Carmen Jones for the first time the other night. Good film - Oscar Hammerstein's words to Bizet's music. It had its surreal moments, but I liked it (which is saying something, as I'm not a fan of musicals).
I've also been playing 'How much cake can one belly take?'. It's a good game. One of those games where there isn't a loser. There isn't really a winner either, except gluttony.
On that note, I learned a new word: Yulehole.
It's the extra hole on a belt that you have to use after Christmas over-eating.
Some years I've still been on my Yulehole in February.
In 1998 I don't think I ever went back to the other holes. I bought a new belt.

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