Friday, December 03, 2004


It was almost an emotional farewell last night - I said goodbye to the other members of my Argentine Tango class. The course had come to an end. I even remembered some of their names. I'm sure I'll see some of them again, though, because I'll be joining the next course as soon as it comes along.
Tango is pretty much the only form of dance I'm into (except silly, Groucho Marx-style dancing, at which I could teach a class). Salsa - too much wiggling. Ballroom - too stiff. Ceroc - come on, that's not a dance.
Tango, however, has a mystique and a dignity. It feels more like a martial art (not that I'm an expert in any of those).
Last night was great. I managed to cement a few steps in my head. When the course began, the cement was in my feet.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous - that's mystique. Kat here!

Joseph, if you think ballroom is too stiff you should come and do some contact dancing with me and the man - a brand new art-form pioneered by our good selves on the dancefloors of Southampton. Not for the faint of heart. Fact.

Joe said...

Sounds good!
Does it involve lots of flinging about of limbs? Cos that's my style.

Anonymous said...

Put it this way - you need shin pads and a gum sheild.