Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Christmas Cards

There's something about them. I've received some wonderful cards already this year. Each one is a real joy to open and read. My girlfriend has even introduced me to the system of displaying them on string.
I do feel odd, though. The thing is, I have never sent a Christmas card in my life. Never. Not a single one. It just isn't something my family has ever done - no cards, no tree, no present. Perhaps it has something to do with celebrating Channukah instead.
But now I know how lovely it is to receive cards, I want to start a new family tradition and send cards to everybody!
Well - it's a bit late now.
So: thank you to everybody who has sent a card. Sorry you won't be getting one from me. I'll have a go at the whole 'card-giving' thing next year. I think it'll be fun.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aren't there Channukah cards? There must be as I have sent them(albeit ecards)
I always purchase cards and realize that I never send them. I do have friends who always ran out of time to send Christmas cards, so they send out New Years cards.
there is always down time between Charistmas and New Years.
I say go for the New Years cards
People will be surprised