Sunday, November 28, 2004


I am a surgeon, a butcher, a coroner, a forensic pathologist. I feel like all those things, anyway.
I just skinned and dissected a pheasant. The meat is on a plate in my fridge, awaiting my next incarnation: culinary genius.
My girlfriend's mother brought us two pheasants (not, technically, a 'brace' because they were both girls) and thanks to tips from the shooting community, we were able to turn two dead birds into two potential feasts.
We even had to pick out the shot. It's been a whole new experience for a simple city boy like me. The only birds I ever shot were... No, I won't go there. There's probably a law against it.
The smell was a little strange - especially when I got a waft of innards. But I am so proud of the result - whether they are tasty or not!
Those pigeons in the garden better watch out.


Anonymous said...

Did Girlfriend's mother shoot them? Better be careful.
Mothers who can shoot.

I cannot imagine your folks letting you have a gun.

Anonymous said...

Ahh the tasty smell of innards. It reminds me of that deer butchery session... And I got the bit where it had been shot. Happy memories indeed.

Joe said...

Quick update: We had Pheasant Escalope for lunch. Very tasty indeed - tender and juicy.