Monday, November 08, 2004

Games Games Games

What a weekend.
We had a great game of poker on Saturday. I came out marginally ahead, but Marianne came out the big winner - and she'd never played the game before. Beginners' luck, or a big hustle?
As if that wasn't enough games playing, Sunday turned into an impromptu board game fiesta. We kicked off with a few furious rounds of Articulate, but that's tricky with 5 people. So then we rediscovered the joys of Cluedo - a surprisingly sophisticated game. I was sure it was Rev. Green. But it turned out to be Miss Scarlett.
How could we possibly top that? Only with a 'vintage' board game that I don't think they make any more. It's called Taxi. The board is a map of London, the money is in pounds, shillings and pence, the artwork is intricate and, to modern sensibilities, bordering on the racist. But it's an antique, so we let it pass and had loads of fun competing for fares and racing through road works to drop them off before they get the bus instead.
Strange how things that would be a pain in real life become uproarious when you act them out with a small plastic token.
It's a shame Taxi has falled out of production. I think it should be reintroduced. Yesterday Greg suggested the modern version would be called Drug Dealer. Yes, Greg. Suitable for ages 8 to 8O.

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