Friday, November 05, 2004

Everything on Earth

I've been pondering this lately: What is the average life-span of every living creature on Earth?
My bet is that it will be quite short, given all the billions of gnats and bugs that wouldn't survive through a whole episode of Seinfeld.
I think if we can work out the average, it will make the human life look long and we can count ourselves lucky. Although that's not really why I want to know, it's just fun to ponder it.
So my opening offer is this: four minutes.
I reckon the average life span of every living creature on Earth is four minutes.
I know there are tortoises that live for centuries, but there aren't very many of them. If anybody has a better offer than four minutes, let's hear it. Is there a more mathematical way of working this out? At the moment I'm just guessing.


Anonymous said...

If you include trees, it might counterbalance the gnats.

Joe said...

Ah, interesting. But then I'd have include houseplants, and they don't seem to last long in this house. Not as long as the gnats, in fact.