Thursday, November 25, 2004


I have declared myself the world's greatest duster. I don't mean that I am a fluffy rag that picks up dust, I mean that I am the wielder of such a rag, and that I wield it well.
My study is now dust free. I even opened the window for a short period. About forty seconds. Then I remembered that it's winter.
Anyway, now that I'm in a dust free environment, I think it's my duty to create some crumbs. So I'm eating shortbread. This is the shortbread that my dream instructed me to buy. Did I tell you about my dream? It was very specific. I had to buy certain different types of shortbread.
Well I don't need asking twice.
I wouldn't normally obey something told to me in a dream, but the old woman said to buy shortbread. I'd be a fool to ignore the old woman.

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