Friday, August 06, 2004


I just upgraded to a new phone. I love it. I am no longer a Nokia Boy. I'm a Motorola Man. Hear me roar.
There was a time when I would have mourned the loss of Snake - but I got that out of my system ages ago. I never thought I'd play games on a mobile phone again. Then I found Monopoly.
Monopoly and I have a history. I discovered at an early age that I had a gift for the game. Unfortunately, my family and friends discovered at about the same time that when I play Monopoly I become a raging demon of anger, lust, revenge, envy. Nobody will play with me. I have effectively been banned from the game. No matter how much I plead - I've grown up, I'll play for the fun of it, I'll play blindfolded, I won't speak - still no opposition.
So I started playing my phone.
It's a funny game, Monopoly. At times it is really quite dull. But still addictive. And now that I'm playing it again, I remember just how good I am. I'm ashamed to say it's probably one of my greatest talents. How sad is that?
At least now I have opposition.
I feel like Paul Newman playing pinball at the beginning of 'The Verdict'.
Not sure why though.


Anonymous said...

Which Motorola? Can you use it in the US?

Joe said...

It's a V something. Can't remember. But yes, I can use it in the US. I think it's a V300 or something.

Anonymous said...

thanks-I have been looking forone to use in both the UK and US. I wil check it out.