Thursday, July 29, 2004

Possibly my proudest moment

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Tonight I made Sushi.
I am so proud of myself I could faint from the strength of my own glow.
Sushi is possibly my favourite cuisine. I certainly go through phases of craving it and consuming it at any and every sushi bar I can find. But until now I had never tried to make it myself.
I feel like I've taken a new step towards independence. And also teased at the boundaries of my creativity. OK, so some of what I made fell apart, but it was still tasty, and some pieces even looked like proper sushi.
Soon I will be experimenting with new fusions of Japanese and other flavours. I am determined to try Parma Ham Sushi. Has anyone ever done that before? I'll let you know how things pan out.
Meanwhile I'd love any tips on the rolling up bit, because that was tricky. Or suggestions for fillings.

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