Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 17th is DUCK SOUP DAY!

What's to become of Freedonia? It's a tiny country, threatened by enemies on all sides (probably) and it's in financial turmoil! The government has had to borrow a huge amount of money from a wealthy widow called Mrs Teasdale - the little minx!

But what's this? She's insisted on replacing the President. Quite right too. Freedonia needs a new man in charge. Freedonia need the vision, the energy, the forward-thinking genius of Rufus T. Firefly!

The new president's first challenge is that his state is riddled with spies. In particular, the agents of chaos Chicolini and Pinky are on the loose and entirely dedicated to obtaining top secret information. They won't be distracted by anything. Not even baseball, peanuts, night-gowns the ambassador's tea party. Not one bit.

And Rufus T. Firefly must stop them! While also working out where his own reflection is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdQ9jh5GvQ8

So Hail Freedonia! Kick up a ruckus!

Because every year on November 17th we celebrate the anniversary of the release of the Marx Brothers' classic movie, DUCK SOUP.


Go and have some duck soup. Or eat duck. Or watch a silly movie. It's all up for grabs!

(And here's one more clip. It's the peanuts/hats sequence:

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