Friday, October 16, 2009

A Glowing Box Story. Again.

I wrote what they call a 'Story Starter' for an amazing project called 'Write Path International Connections'.

The idea is that a whole load of writers provide the beginnings of stories, then students at schools all over the world log in to the website on the same day and continue the stories. And my Story Starter has gone live today!

Here's the bit of the story I provided, but to see how the students have continued it you should swing over to

Kris was already half way up his street before he noticed anything weird. He pulled his earphones out and hitched his school bag higher on his shoulder. Why was there nobody else around? Usually when he got home from school his road was pretty busy. There should at least have been one or two people who’d got off the bus with him. But there was nobody.

He walked more quickly, peering into the homes as he went, searching for a sign of life – something that would tell him he was just being paranoid. Then he noticed the only sound – the insistent wail of a car alarm. Chris jogged the last few steps to his front door. He was so busy looking around him and reaching for his key that he nearly tripped on the object that was sitting on the front step: a box. A sealed cardboard box, planted squarely in front of the door.

Kris reached over it to open the front door, but has he pushed his key into the lock, the door swung open.“Mum?” Kris shouted. “Dad? Tami?” His voice was blown away along the street. Kris shivered and went to edge round the box and go inside. But that’s when he noticed that coming from the cracks in the corners of the cardboard box was a soft blue glow...

So what happens next? Check out what everybody thinks at

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What a fantastic idea.