Monday, September 14, 2009

I Made a Video. It's a Tribute to Roald Dahl. Sort Of.


Anonymous said...

Well.... Thats made me want to go and read Roald Dahl to see if he has come up with any games called....Joe Craig and if so are they any better than yours.
I can see a competition coming, which author can come up with the best game named after another author.

Mr John said...

Rubbish game that. How about actually turning the lentils into dhal first?
Today I read 'Lamb to the Slaughter' with my Grade 10s (year 11s). That's by Roald Dahl. They thought it was quite good.
I didn't tell them it was Roald Dahl day. It wouldn't have meant much to them.

NutmegAngel said...

I used to quite like Roald Dahl. The Witches was my favourite, and I read Going Solo a couple of years ago which was his account of the Second World War (amongst other things).

When you said you were going to Roll Dahl, I thought you were going to roll in it yourself... Maybe that would be a more exciting varient? :D