Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'll be making my world famous guacamole this weekend. so I've stocked up on avocados. Well, I say 'world famous' - what I really mean is, 'some people quite like it'.

Three things you didn't know about avocados:

- They were banned in 19th century Holland because they were said to resemble the king too closely.
- They are technically not fruit: they're actually a type of fish, and a very good source of essential omega three oils.
- Some experts believe that the colour 'avocado' was named after avocados.
- They're the only food that is known to replant itself if left alone.
- A dozen avocados is known as a 'truth' (as in, 'I'd like a truth of avocados, please.') whereas a group of three dozen avocados is called a 'Belgium'. Three Belgium makes a 'Brigadoon'. Those are the terms you'll hear if you ever visit the rowdy trading floor of the world's main avocado market, which is in Colchester. It was moved there from Stevenage in 1972 after the original avocado market was flattened by rampaging bulls.
- In 1290 a Brigadoon of avocados escaped from the Tower of London. Only one was ever recaptured. It's stone now forms part of the crown jewels.

Finally, my question is: why are all supermarket avocados rock hard? Even the ones that are labelled 'perfectly ripe'. I'm sure you used to be able to get lovely, soft avocados that were actually perfectly ripe.

Such mysteries.

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NutmegAngel said...

Are you trying to fill my head up with even more utterly pointless knowledge? I don't think I've ever even had an avacado...