Sunday, September 14, 2008

If Ellpa made something called a dOpi

What would music sound like upside-down?

I don't mean listening to music while standing on your head, and I don't mean an orchestra trying to play from sheet music that's been turned over. I mean actually turning the music itself upside-down.

I always think about this when I'm listening to my iPod. When I adjust the headphones why doesn't it change the sound of the music? Shouldn't it turn the sound waves upside-down, or something like that?

While I'm on the subject - how long will the global silent conspiracy of the iPod last? I mean the fact that nobody seems to mind that iPods are terribly designed and seem built to break after a few months' usage.


Anonymous said...

That's all very well but since when has apple been spelt (spelled?) with 2 ls and 1 p?

Joe said...

Aha, very true. Well spotted. Oops. Or do I mean Opps?