Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Killer Sauce

Archway Library hosted me this week for an event in the Holloway Arts Festival. Unless somebody sets up a marquee in my back garden, or a bookshop in my front room, I'm unlikely ever to do an event closer to home, which made this one a lot of fun for me.

The crowd was the usual mixed and lively bunch you get at library events - thanks to everyone who turned out to see me. There were some great contributions, especially one girl who suggested that Jimmy should get a cow, but the cow could also be a horse, and he should use the cow (or the horse) to escape some deadly ketchup.

I quite agree.

Meanwhile, I was at last able to get to the HarperCollins Summer party last night. I missed the last two (for a school event and a Billy Joel concert, respectively) so I was delighted to be at the V&A to sup and chat.

Lots of supping, lots of chatting. Everything was very green and luminous. Apparently that's because HarperCollins is a 'carbon neutral' company. And apparently I'm meant to care about that. So well done HarperCollins.

Great party. The highlights: I nearly dropped a mini-dish of risotto on David Baddiel, I discovered the secrets of a ghostwriter and I'm almost sure William Hague was making eyes at me.

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