Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm On Another List. But Without My Buddy George Orwell This Time.

Jimmy Coates: Target has been included on the 'Books for the Teen Age' 2008 list. It's a pretty prestigious list published by the New York Public Library, which recommends the librarians' picks of the year's best books for teenagers.

The latest list has just been published and I'm delighted to have my book included on it!

You might be wondering why the second book in the series is on the 2008 list when the book came out in 2006... Well, it only came out in 2006 in the UK. It's pretty new over in the US, where they haven't yet discovered that Jimmy's battles with the Secret Service take him to New York and Texas (and everywhere in between) in books 3 and 4 of the series, JC: Revenge and JC: Sabotage.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Well done Joe

Rob said...

Ah, yes. We're always behind the times on stuff like this.

Anonymous said...

So what else is on the list? Will we Brits have heard of any of it?

Joe said...

I disagree. In children's books, the UK market seems to me much more developed with a greater range of much better books being recognised by booksellers, librarians and children much more quickly than in the US.