Thursday, December 06, 2007

I Can Hardly See You At All

The batteries in my cordless mouse ran out. I've resorted to the old-fashioned type. You remember - the sort of mouse that actually has to be physically connected to your computer.

It's very annoying. I have a large desk and my computer is so far away from my mouse usually that I have a make-shift booster to strengthen the signal. (Take-home tip: silver paperclips have better reception than the coloured ones.)

Now my mouse's 'tail' is stretched so far I can only move my cursor in tiny circles. It's like trying to do everything in life with your elbows strapped to your stomach with a large elastic band.

At the same time, the battery died on my screen-less monitor. Now I'm back to one of those old, physical screens.

Then the power went on my direct-text link-up. I actually need to read the screen now instead of having the information zapped straight in. How did we ever cope when this was normal?

I have to go and get myself some new batteries before my seat-less chair gives out. Could be awkward.

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