Friday, August 18, 2006

The Sheet In The Garden

There's a sheet hanging out in the garden that I think I put out sometime yesterday to dry. I'm not sure. It seems like so long ago. Since then, it has rained a little, then brightened up (so, having missed my chance to bring the sheet in before it got wet, I left it out there to dry again). Then it was dry for bit, and the sun even came out (good, that sheet's going to be dry soon). Then there was a torrential downpour. Then there was a thunderstorm.

The sheet stayed out there overnight (oh, the sun'll be out in the morning and the sheet'll be dry before I'm even out of bed).

It rained all night.

This morning it brightened up for a bit. I was about to go outside to check whether the sheet was dry. It's now raining.

Here's how I look at it: I've played the odds every time in this gamble, and lost every time. If I leave the sheet out there, I'm bound to win eventually.

But by then, it might be snowing.

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