Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Elephants the Size of a House

How much Vaseline will I eat in my life? I put a bit on my lips every day and a small amount of it probably gets ingested. So here's my question. If you lumped together all of the Vaseline that I ate during my entire life, would that Vaseline lump be:

a) bigger than an elephant?
b) smaller than an elephant?
c) about the size of an elephant, depending on the elephant?

Let's say it's an average-sized, adult, African elephant (the ones with the bigger ears). I think my answer would have to be 'c'. I think I'm going to eat about an elephant's worth of Vaseline.

On a completely different note, can I just point out how right I was about something else? I usually prefer stories that end with me messing up (they're more entertaining - and more common). But it's the first World Cup semi-final tonight, and I predicted weeks ago that the semi-finals would involve only European teams.

(Tonight it's Italy v Germany, tomorrow it's Portugal v France.)

While everybody else was going on about Brazil and Argentina, I trusted history - teams don't usually win the World Cup if it's being held outside their own continent.

Of course, I also had money on the Czech Republic.


Joe said...

Unlike the World Cup, people only win Wimbledon if it's held outside their own country.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the average woman consumes over 6 pounds of lipstick over her lifetime. So I guess you're probably ingesting about as much in Vaseline. Yum.

John F said...

And of course people only win the World Series if it's held in their own country, and if that country is the only one in the world that plays baseball.