Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Someone commented quite casually today that I dressed like Larry David.
Now, I'm a big fan of Larry David. I don't know him, but I think his writing (and acting, in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm') is fantastic. But I can't say he's the most stylishly dressed man. Also, he's about the same age as my dad. So I shouldn't be dressing like him.
So do I? Could it be true? The thing is, when I'm at home, dressed casually, not intending to leave the house, I think it might be true. But I NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE LIKE THAT. I want that known. The person who made the observation has been coming round to work with me, so of course I'm dressed for work.
In my case, dressing for work involves dressing like Larry David.
But when I leave the house I am a picture of elegance. Especially in my new shoes (see below).
This is why today I am wearing a waistcoat. I think a waistcoat is quickly going to re-emerge as the stylish choice for every young gentleman. I'll be going out in one tonight. Let's see how it goes down...


Joe said...

Just checking that the comment thing is working again. If you can read this, it works.
I think the wasitcoat was ok, by the way. I might try it again.

James Casey said...

I thought it suited you very well.