Saturday, April 16, 2005

Duck Soup Again

I'm hoping to make Duck Soup again this afternoon - or maybe tomorrow morning, depending on when I can get some work done.
I'll be using the remains of the duck we had for dinner a couple of nights ago. It was a very big duck, but there didn't seem to be much left after the two of us had our way with it. Maybe because I snuck into the kitchen later and picked at the carcass. Couldn't resist.
I'm trying to think of an appropriate Marx Brothers anniversary to dedicate this soup to, but it seems to be the wrong time of year. This might have to be soup just for soup's sake.
Thought just struck me, if you're drinking the Japanese beverage Sake, but for no particular reason, are you drinking Sake for Sake's sake?
I wonder how you'd write that in Japanese.

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