Wednesday, February 02, 2005

King Lear

Saw Corin Redgrave in the RSC King Lear last night. Four hours. Lots of madness, lots of blindness, quite a bit of blood, and an impressive stash of dead bodies at the end.
It was all very nice, but what's with the tables? Someone in charge of this production was obviously obsessed with four long wooden tables. They were shifted about into different positions for every scene - lengthways, sideways, upside down, in a row, piled in the centre of the stage. Strange thing was, wherever they went, they managed to be in the way.
There was almost no other scenery (the fields of Dover were represented by a brief absence of table). I think at one point I saw a wooden chair, and there were wooden benches to go with the wooden tables, of course. None of this 'woodenness' was a reflection of the acting, though, which I thought was quite good (except for the tendency to PROCLAIM lines that lots of actors seem to have).
Oh, and the fight scenes were v-e--r---y s----l-----o------w.
Understandable, as there were so many tables on the battlefield.

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