Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Front Cover

This week HarperCollins UK have been finalising the front cover of the UK edition of my book, Jimmy Coates: Killer (out on April 5th and available now by clicking here).
It's up on the UK amazon page, and it's also up on my website, here.
Have a look! What do you think?
It's not the final version, but the only major change is that on the real thing I will be credited as 'Joe Craig', rather than 'Joseph Craig'. Also, you can't see it on the internet, but the lettering of the title is embossed and glossy - there's also a hidden message in the tiny numbers down the stripe in the middle.
I hope you're even one millionth as excited as I am about it.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo Joe!!! Katy here. It looks very cool and I'm very excited (it's not been a very exciting day so far). Just one question, why on Amazon on the 'search for books by similar subject' does it give you two options - biography and true crime? What aren't you telling us...?

Joe said...

Yeah, that's a tricky one. It's not a biography and it's not a true crime story either. Kind of adds to the mystery though doesn't it? I think they just have it in the wrong category. Either that, or there's a conspiracy...