Monday, September 20, 2004


Wow - what a weekend. I don't know where to start. It was only two days, but we managed to pack in a cream tea, a walk in the grounds of a stately home, a great movie ('Collateral' - highly recommend it), the traditional Sunday lunch in the village pub and several episodes of '24'.
There was toast, there was napping and there was a log fire. Who could ask for anything more?
I hope you've all had as relaxing a time as me. You can check out the village by clicking here, as long as you promise not to ruin it by telling everyone to go there.


Anonymous said...

So where di you stay so your name could be thrown out and one would be sure to get a great room?
Collaterial is a great film. Have never seen 24.
What is cream tea?

Joe said...

A Cream Tea is one of the finest inventions ever to come out of Great Britain. If you're having the works, start at about half past four with a selection of sandwiches: cucumber, smoked salmon, ham, egg. Then move on to the scones: clotted cream, jam. Then (if you don't feel fat enough already) there's a selection of English cakes and pastries (often involving the word 'tart' several times). All washed down with buckets of English tea, accompanied of course by biscuits (often shortbread).
There are many variations, and many places to try it. Most English hotels will serve you a Cream Tea. At the Ritz you have to book and it's massively over-priced. My favourite is the Basil Street Hotel in Knightsbridge.
The first one I ever had was at the Welcombe Hotel in Stratford. The scones were the size of my head.

Joe said...

Forgot to answer your question: we stayed at my family cottage. So no rooms available - sorry!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great-wish we had something like that here.
Maybe your folks would adopt me so I could hang out at the family cottage

me said...

tell me the tea was earl grey!!! i love that tea... and scones with butter and strawberry jam...ummmmm... omg that's a great pleasure in life... i'm glad u had a good weekend.