Friday, September 17, 2004

I Won!

I just won a competition! I can't remember what I had to do, but it was in my local paper, and I think it involved one of those questions that's really obvious and sending in my details on a postcard.
Then this morning the postie arrived with a ten pound voucher for Wagamamas (good noodles) and a Wagamamas cook book! I'm so chuffed you wouldn't believe.
I'm going to celebrate with some sushi, and a trip to the country with my girlfriend. When I get back you'll read all about the trip and my thoughts on the countryside. Plus any other strange stuff that happens to me. Oh, and you'll probably hear all about what we ate and what films we watched because, after all, these are the important things in life. (Winning competitions is pretty good too.)
Meanwhile here's a thought - isn't 'Shaun of the Dead' good? Watched it tonight. Did it make an appearance in the US?


Anonymous said...

OK, I know I am not the most astute when it comes to finances, but how can you go to the country with a ten pound gc from Wagamama's?

Also, I have been to London a couple of times and have never been in a Wag's. What is their menu? I may be back soon so based on your recommendation I might try it.

Did not see Shaun of the Dead, but since you have been on a sushi theme, did you ever see Lost in Translation?

Joe said...

OK, so perhaps what I said was a little confusing - but I was excited when I wrote it. I am going to the country for the weekend, but that's unrelated to having a voucher for Wagamamas. But one is kind of a celebratino of the other.
And as for Wagamamas itself, the food is generally good, but tends to be little overpriced I must admit. I always feel that I'm paying for the 'lifestyle' that they like to represent. You can get better food cheaper - especially in Soho. I'm happy to recommend a couple of my favourite places for next time you're here!

me said...

i really liked that movie..."lost in translation" especially cause u can take a look to the real lifestyle in japan but i hated the end... i wanted to know what he whispers in her ear...i got so mad!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Two comments:
I usually stay in Bloomsbury so I need to know what tube station to get off on to get to a Wags.

Lost in Translation: That was the beauty of that, not knowing. I am of a "certain" age and that film resonated with me.